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Award-winning lighting retailer Gwyn Carless at The Light Yard is kicking its offering into high gear as it launches an all new range of eye-catching and personalisable motorbike-themed luminaires.

The Café Racer Collection embodies all the high-octane glamour and irreverence of the iconic 1960s British rock scene – with lighting designed for fans of the era and of the famed Café Racer-style bikes themselves.

Crafted to the highest standard in the Derbyshire studio of lighting designer and master craftsman Gwyn Carless, the pendant luminaires offer wide-ranging colour and motif options as well as customisability. Each of the funky new designs holds infinite possibilities as artwork styled by the customer can be emblazoned on the side of the light.

The customer’s ability to have their initials, name, a family motto, famous saying or company logo incorporated into the design of the lighting doesn’t just align with current widespread trends in personalisation, the approach is perfectly suited to the bespoke nature of this acclaimed lighting studio.


Each luminaire features an Edison-style, energy-efficient LED Calex light bulb, which emits the warm glow of a filament bulb – but unlike traditional bulbs won’t drive up energy bills or carbon emissions. Also included are elements such as a modern ceiling rose and fabric flex, which combine for a flawless presentation.

Jeff Fuller, director of Gwyn Carless at The Light Yard, comments: “In this collection we wanted to pay tribute to the rebellious Café Racer motorbike subculture while creating some seriously cool lighting in the process. Style was a massive part of the Café Racer scene, and icons like Steve McQueen set the trends throughout the 60s. It was the absolute epitome of cool.

“The Café Racer movement encapsulates a brilliant period of British culture, and the motorbikes represented youth and a refusal to accept the status quo. The bikes were minimalist, built for high speeds and responsive handling, and there are enthusiasts around the world who are still passionate about the bikes and the culture today.”

Although satisfying the exacting specifications and complex needs of bespoke lighting consumers is serious business, luminaires including the ‘Vintage USA’ and ‘Italia’ Café Racer pendants dial up the fun factor. The Café Racer Collection delivers the ideal quirky and stylish interior design solution or a one-of-a-kind gift any motorbike or British rock enthusiast will love.

The launch of the new collection also comes at a critical juncture, as the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak shifts how consumers are contextualising purchases. Master craftsman Gwyn Carless, who this year celebrates his 25th year in the industry, comments: “With the current climate being what it is, we didn’t want a lot of fanfare around our new product launch, however we are aware that the Covid-19 crisis has caused homeowners to begin closely scrutinising the environments they’re living and working in for so many hours each day, and exploring how these interior spaces can be given a new influx of character. Not to mention that many people – myself included – can’t help daydreaming about the open road! We want to give everyone out there something new and different to enjoy – a lighting fixture they can put their own stamp on, and which will bring them a lot of pleasure in the years to come.”

About Gwyn Carless at The Light Yard

Gwyn Carless at the Light Yard is an independent retailer providing bespoke lighting solutions for residential, hospitality and commercial properties. It offers a full range of interior and exterior lighting solutions including indoor and outdoor pendants, wall lights, bollard lights, path lights, step lights and spotlights.

Its wide array of high quality luminaires is one reason the Greater Manchester-based company has attracted world-class clients from luxury property homeowners to architects and interior designers to property developers.

The retailer is also committed to utilising British-made components and sustainable packaging materials whenever possible. The origin of specific components and the carbon footprint information pertaining to individual luminaires are available upon enquiry.