Carbon Accountancy employee receives his Christmas hamper

The CEO of accountancy firm Carbon Accountancy has embarked on a surprise Christmas mission to deliver personalised hampers to all 18 of his staff, taking 16 hours to complete.

Keen to bring a bit of Christmas cheer to the general doom and gloom, John Leyden, CEO and founder of Carbon Accountancy invented a “Carbon Christmas Department” email address which has been sending weekly emails about plans for the company’s online Christmas party on Friday December 18th. One of the emails indicated that there would be a ‘secret delivery’ to each staff member’s home on Tuesday 15th December.

The employees then received a message in the staff WhatsApp group on Tuesday to indicate a delivery driver was at the door of one of their houses, however none of them knew which order they would be in the delivery schedule, or that John himself would be at the door. Each time the door was answered, the employee would not disclose which of them had received the delivery, leaving some to open their door up to 17 times until finally receiving their hamper.

John ensured that he adhered to all social distancing guidelines including remaining at a distance when delivering the hampers. He was able to have a brief chat with each employee before moving on to the next delivery.


“I had the idea of creating a kind of ‘knock and run’ game that we all used to play as kids,” explained John, whose delivery route took him all around the M25 and beyond. “I am really grateful for all their hard work and dedication despite all the challenges of lockdown this year and wanted to express my gratitude to each and every one of them personally.”

Amit Kamboj, FCCA Senior Client Services Manager at Carbon Accountancy said, “We all knew that something would be happening on Tuesday but it was still a complete surprise and I know that several of my colleagues were completely gobsmacked. It was lovely to open the door and see John standing there with a huge hamper for me. He let me know how grateful he was for my work and wished me a great Christmas and New Year. It was a wonderful way to end what’s been a difficult year for so many people.”