PICTURE CAPTION: Installation of bollards by Safetyflex Barriers in the Sydney area.

Safetyflex Barriers based in Coventry has become the biggest supplier of anti-terrorism bollards in Australia, with Sydney the latest city in the country to be further secured with its shields from hostile vehicle attacks.

The world-leading manufacturer of anti-terrorism bollards and barriers has protected high-profile locations in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney from the threat of deadly vehicle-ramming attacks.

Thousands of its award-winning Truckstopper bollard, designed to stop large vehicles travelling at high speeds, are in place throughout the cities, including at 80 locations in Melbourne alone.

Melbourne Park, home to the Australian Open, and Melbourne East Police Station are among sites in the city to have been secured.

Other places include tourist hotspots in Brisbane, the ‘Brisbane G20’ sign and the Wheel of Brisbane, and Redfern Station, one of the busiest railway stations in Sydney.

Hundreds of bespoke bronze bollards specially designed by Safetyflex Barriers have now also been installed at various locations in and around the Sydney area, including Sydney Harbour.

Marcus Gerrard, director at Safetyflex Barriers, said: “This latest contract in Sydney was a highly-prestigious project and we were competing against many different companies to win the installation.

“We are really pleased to have worked alongside EZI Security, who were specially commissioned to design this beautiful bronze bollard shroud.

“We designed a bespoke bollard with a bronze effect which reflects the beauty of the area and we are delighted with the finish.

“With the installation of hundreds of these bollards, it makes Safetyflex Barriers the biggest supplier of anti-terrorism bollards in Australia, which has been at the forefront of our export drive in recent years.

“Since teaming up with EZI Security Systems, the leading anti-terrorist solution provider in Australia, in 2018, thousands of our bollards have been chosen by major cities to help protect the public and key locations from the threat of hostile vehicle attacks.”

Safetyflex Barriers won the Product of the Year award at the Australian Security Industry Awards in 2019 and 2018 for its 9-40 Truckstopper Bollard – the first time any company has won the accolade two years in succession.

The product invented by Safetyflex can stop an 18 tonne vehicle travelling at 50mph. It is easy to assemble and in a super-shallow foundation size of only 200mm which means it can be set up without the need to re-divert utilities, making it highly-cost effective.