In today’s business environment brands are investing in digital marketing more than ever before. Email marketing is one of the key pillars of many businesses’ marketing efforts, especially for local businesses across the UK.

According to the DMA’s latest Marketer Email Tracker, email continues to lead the way for most marketers (75%), across various customer communications, but particularly sales (36%) and brand awareness (16%). For certain sectors email marketing is a crucial source of website traffic and ultimately sales. Recent research undertaken by Validity revealed that for UK retail companies, email was driving 18% of visits to retail websites.

With so much riding on email, companies risk appearing on blocklists and in spam traps that silently handicap their reputation and performance. They also face difficulty keeping up with best sending practices as providers, commercial email filters, and industry standards that frequently change.

That’s why Validity has launched a new email marketing success platform, Everest. Following the acquisition of Return Path in May 2019 and more recently 250ok in March 2020, the new platform is the long-awaited combination of both platforms to create the largest email marketing data network in the industry, with widespread integration and support within the email ecosystem.

Everest offers email marketers from local businesses the following key benefits:

  • Get more email delivered. Increase inbox placement rates by maintaining a high sender reputation and decreasing the risk of being filtered into spam folders.
  • Get more customers engaged. Give digital marketers the best possible experience by pre-testing your email design, analysing how customers read your content, and placing brand emails at the top of consumer inboxes.
  • Maintain a healthy marketing database. Keep your contact database clean by verifying email lists and practicing good email hygiene.
  • Gain competitive intelligence.See your email campaigns’ performance in the context of the broader market, or side-by-side with industry competitors.
  • Stay on top. Incorporate best practices for sending. React quickly to emerging issues. Preserve your campaign performance through the ever-changing email ecosystem of technologies, filtering strategies, and standards.

“Everest aids email marketers across their entire marketing workflow, including list hygiene, programme strategy, email creative, delivery optimisation, and post-delivery analytics,” said Scott Ziegler, Validity’s senior vice president, product. “Bringing together the best pieces of Validity – which includes 250ok, Return Path, and BriteVerify – allows us to deliver the most complete email product in market. Seeing the whole picture is key to maximising ROI from your email programme.”