Research shows that Leeds is one of the best places to launch a company in the UK because of its skillset and affordability. The research has looked into a wide range of factors, including the size of the talent pool, startup costs, cost of rent, and broadband quality. In fact, the city ​beats ​Manchester, Bristol and even London​ when it comes to one of the ​​best places for budding entrepreneurs​. So, it comes as no surprise why many businesses have relocated, expanded, or set up new locations in Leeds. But what makes Leeds a great place to do business? Below, check out the reasons why Leeds business owners are getting ahead of the game.

Flexible Working

Last year, Leeds was hailed as one of the best cities in the UK for flexible working, which comes after the country is preparing for a significant increase in home working. Unlike the other cities in the UK, which offers limited options to work remotely, Leeds offers companies various flexible working opportunities.

There are many benefits that come with flexible working, and one of these is the increase in productivity. A study done on remote working has found that 77% of employees believe that they are more productive if allowed to work remotely. Furthermore, they believe that compared to working in the office, they can do more with less time when working at home. Flexible working has also been found to reduce stress and burnout among employees. More importantly, flexible working promotes a healthy work-life balance, as it allows workers to easily switch off and enjoy more time with family, which minimizes dissatisfaction, stress, and burnout.

Business Coaching

Another reason Leeds business owners are getting ahead of the game is that they use Leeds business coaching, such as Business Coach Leeds, to their benefit. Many entrepreneurs open a business without any idea how difficult it could be. They are unsure how to prioritise tasks and stay focused, which eventually leads to failure. When it comes to this, business coaching can help.

Business coaches will teach you the skills needed to develop your business and focus your time and attention on what truly matters. They will help you develop a vision for your business, which helps your company achieve clear goals and enable your company to flourish. Business coaching can also help you keep control of your business and make the most out of your staff and resources.

Values-Driven Recruitment

Many companies in Leeds are applying values-based recruitment to attract and recruit new employees whose individual values and culture align with the company. It prioritises specific beliefs, values, and aspirations when searching, attracting, and hiring individuals. By applying values-driven recruitment, companies can build a team of skilled employees perfect for the job.

Values are the guiding principles important for the organisation and translate to each employee, including beliefs like creativity, compassion, honesty, and reliability. Values-driven recruitment is common in education-oriented businesses and organisations. Companies from other industries are also starting to adopt its principles due to the various benefits it brings.