Fitness & Boxing Equipment Innovator Starts Production of Online SPARBAR ® Master Classes and SPARBAR ® Masterclass Iconic Series

New York City, USA – 10th November 2020 – SPARBAR Inc., the North American distributor and IP licensee of the UK created SPARBAR ® boxing, mixed-martial arts, and fitness equipment, announces the production of the SPARBAR ® Master Classes which will be available online. The brand’s boxing and mixed-martial arts celebrity ambassadors will be leading the SPARBAR ® Digital Masterclass Iconic Series.

SPARBAR ® produces the online classes available for stream for a fully effective workout, designed to burn more calories than in a Cardio, and to intuitively master boxing and MMA techniques with the SPARBAR ® Pro device.

The SPARBAR ® Master Classes are spearheaded and produced by boxing coach and SPARBAR ® advisor Jackie Atkins, who is a two time Boxing Hall of Fame inductee. “Coach Jackie“ runs Gleason’s Gym in New Jersey and Gleason’s boxing program at the Mercedes Club in Manhattan, where she trains fitness enthusiasts and pros with the intuitive boxing equipment by SPARBAR ®.

The SPARBAR ® goal is to make boxing as a sport accessible to anyone, even in the home workout. “With SPARBAR ®, boxing has become a home workout trend. I am excited to announce that I am developing the SPARBAR fitness classes that will be available both online and offline, for all genders, and a good selection for women and their needs specifically,“ announces Coach Jackie. More and more people are taking up home fitness with the demands of juggling family and careers more so than ever with COVID-19. “Boxing is a great tool to become a champion in life, by living a healthy, productive lifestyle inside and outside of the ring,“ Coach Jackie adds.

It is the legends’ era right now, and SPARBAR ® is bringing back the icons’ spirit. Cung Le is one of them, with a strong impact on fight fans worldwide. The middleweight action hero was one of the first to find out about the innovative SPARBAR ® Pro boxing and MMA fitness device, and has trained with SPARBAR ® since 2017. The brand is excited to announce that the former action hero will share his signature moves in his upcoming SPARBAR ® Masterclass Iconic Series.

SPARBAR ® founder Jasvinder “Jazz” Gill not only started working with Cung Le, but also his son, Anthony Le, 16, who is the next hungry lion in line. “A video of Anthony went viral where he got punched back from Sparbar a couple of years ago. Now you can follow Anthony’s training on social media, and his massive improvements sparring with SPARBAR ®,“ Jazz says.

Cung Le: “SPARBAR ® is a big component of our training, as you can see in my videos doing triple-kicks with it. We always warm up with it, right in our set we train with it, and we cool down with it. It’s a big part with the timing, the reaction, the speed. It helps so many elements – the fast muscle twitch, hand and eye coordination. For Anthony, I can see that there is a difference when he trains and spars with other people.“

Jazz concludes: “We’re thrilled to be part of the journey really hands-on, by providing next-level training equipment. Obviously for fans like myself it is exciting to get a glimpse of the training program Cung Le set up for his son.”

The original SPARBAR ® products are available online at, and at retailers listed at this website.