The current pandemic has raised awareness of the importance of cleanliness for many of us. In order to maintain a safe work environment for workers post-pandemic,  employers have a duty of care in enforcing clean working conditions.

Coronavirus can transfer through surfaces such as tables and chairs and can pass on to others who contact these spaces. By keeping the workplace clean, you can greatly reduce the chance of the virus spreading.

Town & Country Cleaning has been working to facilitate those who want to keep their workplaces clean and reduce the harmful risk of a possible spread of Coronavirus.

Cleaning to Stop the Spread

Before deciding which cleaning practices you will carry out within a workplace, a risk assessment is essential to understand what needs to be prioritised. A risk assessment will facilitate you in identifying what is needed within your cleaning regime.

Risk Assessments

To carry out a risk assessment you will need to consider all the frequently touched surfaces within the workspace. Places such as doors, light switches and buttons that are more frequently touched than other places will need a higher degree of cleaning. A few more examples of frequently touches objects and surfaces may include:

  • Work Surfaces such as workstations and desks.
  • Handles for windows, doors and rails.
  • Commonly used public spaces such as toilets and lifts.
  • Control panels such as those used for control pads and machinery.
  • Computer and laptop keyboards, printers and monitors.
  • Kitchen equipment such as taps, kettles, microwaves and fridges.
  • Any post that is received or being sent out.

Measures should be put in place so that high-risk areas and objects are cleaned after each use. However, this may not be possible for areas of continuous use such as handrails. In these circumstances, have such spaces cleaned at regular intervals.

Deep Cleaning

A deep clean is the most thorough clean you would implement within your cleaning regime. It can be hard for many to find the time for this level of cleaning with a busy work schedule. However, it is important that a detailed clean like this is scheduled at regular intervals so you should manage time within a workplace to fit these in at least once a day. The best practice here is to do this at the end of the working day so that all surfaces and workstations are clean for the next day.

Periodic Cleaning

This cleaning method works by scheduling intervals of short cleaning sessions throughout the day. Periodic cleaning may include the immediate cleaning of items after they have been used or the cleaning of surfaces such as tables throughout the day.

Town & Country Cleaning really recommend making this part of your routine and getting as many people involved as possible. Make them responsible for the cleanliness of their own areas.

Reduce the Need for Cleaning

In order to make your cleaning regime easier and less time consuming, you should consider how you can reduce workers’ contact with surfaces and objects. This can be done by:

  • Limiting the movement of people around the workplace.
  • Reducing the need for direct contact with surfaces and objects.

You can reduce the need for direct contact with surfaces and objects by allocating workplaces to specific employees. Additionally, you can prop doors open which will reduce the need for people to touch the handles which can lead to the spread of Coronavirus. Lastly, putting away equipment that is not needed into draws will also help reduce the spread as well as give the room a more tidy appearance.

Keep Employees Informed 

It is important to communicate with staff and encourage them to cooperate for a cleaner and safer working environment. Frequent reminders to clear workstations at the end of the day can help make the cleaning process easier. Furthermore, keeping people informed can serve as reassurance for workers in letting them know that their safety is being considered.

Posters can be a valuable tool in helping remind people of the importance of cleaning and what they can do to cooperate and remind them of their responsibilities.

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