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The current pandemic has forced many of us to put delays on plans. After a long year of event cancellations and Zoom meetings, it would seem there is now some light at the end of the tunnel in regards to weddings and social events.

With wedding plans now back in action, the industry is booming. This is also true for wedding catering services with many external caterers now being booked well into 2022 and 2023.

The Wedding Industry During the Pandemic 

The wedding industry (which is usually a £14.7bn sector) has been hit hard during the pandemic. The industry employs roughly 400,000 workers. Of 60,000 firms, many have been pushed to the brink of closure.

Coronavirus restrictions meant that around 220,000 weddings were postponed last year. This meant that around 94% of celebrations were cancelled.

Some of those in the industry affected during this period include florists, caterers, and photographers.

It has also been reported that some wedding businesses only generated 10% of their usual income in 2020.

How Wedding Food and Catering is Adapting to Covid-19 

There are a number of ways in which wedding caterers have adapted to the current pandemic. Face masks and gloves will be the most noticeable change between weddings prior to the pandemic and now. Precautions such as this are essential in ensuring the safety of wedding guests and of other staff who work in the industry. In addition, temperature checks as well as proper sanitation of hands and workstations, also play a part in making wedding catering possible, post-pandemic.

For meal service, many couples may opt for plated dinners. These forms of dinners are more Covid friendly in that they promote social distancing as meals are bought to each guest directly from the kitchen.

Buffets may be more challenging post-pandemic, but they are not impossible. The problem with traditional help-yourself-style dining is that they can gather crowds which is not good for social distancing and stopping the spread of viruses such as Covid-19. However, guidance can be given here so that guests are instructed to wear masks and form queues which can be helpful in ensuring safety.

Bar service for weddings has been adapted for some venues with the use of plexiglass between the bartender and guests. Additionally, some places will require guests to wear facemasks when going to order drinks and use contactless payment where possible.

Catering Events

It has not only been weddings that have been affected by Covid-19, other catering events such as parties and social gatherings which are usually also provided a service by the wedding catering industry have also been put on hold and cancelled for many with the rise of Covid-19. However, outdoor catering has become increasingly popular since lockdown restrictions have been lifted as they offer people the ability to socialise whilst in a covid safe setting.

Outdoor catering events are also great in that they can easily be set up to fit the different themes, cultures and seasons of your event. Being outside allows for more space and more variations of catering options, fit for any specific dietary requirements. This is also where Vanilla Bean can be of service as they offer a full experience of beautiful and delicate food that is bespoke to your event. This is why their team communicates with you in order to find out as much as possible and discuss options for each course.

Additionally, over the last year with the pandemic, many more people have been considering hiring catering services for home events. This can be a really convenient way to enjoy luxury food without having to travel and brace the risks of catching covid going to a restaurant. Home catering services can be really great for house dinner parties. By hiring a caterer to prepare food for your house dinner event, much of the stress of preparing food can be taken away, meaning you can just sit back and enjoy the comfort of being around the people you care about.

To find out more about Vanilla Bean and what they do, visit their website or get in touch to discuss your upcoming wedding!

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