Inspiring and motivating people to improve their health

Fitness has become a major talking point during the year of 2020, with many Britons more aware than ever about the importance of body confidence and caring for our bodies. With COVID-19 forcing us to look closer at our bodies and lifestyles than ever before, the topic of health and fitness has become a common talking point. For those serious about getting into physical shape, new UK start-up Jacqd. provides a new place to find out about fitness and get into the best physical condition.

Jacqd is the brainchild of Carl Derving, a sufferer of Type 2 Diabetes who was considered clinically obese. After many months of hard work and effort, Carl overcame his HbA1c diagnosis and was able to stay below the threshold. The tips, tricks, and dietary changes made to allow those changes to take place are part of the foundation of Jacqd.

The story is simple: Jacqd is built on the principles that founder Carl says took him from “fit to fat”, transforming his life. Unlike other fitness programs that area tailored to those who are already on the path to physical empowerment, though, Jacqd focuses on offering those who have been overweight or obese a starting point. By helping people to understand how to change their bodies and become more physically fit over time, Jacqd aims to deliver a solution that speaks sense to those who need help and need it today.

Built upon the dual concept of quality sports equipment and sound fitness advice, Jacqd looks to provide people with the core foundation they need to start making progressive physical changes for their long-term benefit.


The brand represents the ‘normal’ person who simply wants to become physically healthier and stay in a better long-term physical shape. The brand represents the average person on the street who has ambitions about living and looking better but isn’t sure where to start. Founder and CEO Carl Derving said of this: “I’ve been in the shoes of those who are overweight, having been diagnosed as a Type II Diabetic myself. I created this system as an answer to the worries about long-term health that I feared for myself, and now want to try and help others learn and educate themselves on the immense power that comes from physical change.”

Jacqd is currently seeking investors for those who wish to enter the gym market and capture an exciting opportunity that offers a new perspective on a proven topic of interest. Instead of focusing on people who are already approaching a place of physical perfection, Jacqd focuses instead on the masses of people who are not in the shape they wish to be but want to make a positive change.

The business is interested in investors who might wish to help propel the idea further into the stratosphere. Designed from the ground-up based on theories and practices which made a genuine difference, Jacqd looks to promote a healthy way of positive, progressive change for those who are in the physical condition intended.